Top 10 Erotic Romance Books of All Time

Are you looking for something to satisfy your romantic fantasies without feeling any guilt? Or are you simply searching for ways to pass those lonely nights? No matter your reasons, a nice erotic book is your guilt-free answer to getting some pleasurable time. From casual and careless sex escapades to a forbidden romance with steamy scenes, erotic books offer an array of options that will make your imagination run wild. In this article, we compiled 10 of the best erotic romance books to put on your shelf.

Dark Lover by J.R. Ward

This best-selling erotic novel adopts some folklore elements with its main character, Wrath, a vampire seeking to avenge his parents’ death. His revenge led him to a beautiful female whom he must resist devouring.

Open Me by Lisa Locascio

This light erotic read narrates the story of an 18-year old female protagonist and how she explored her body.

Bared to You by Sylvia Day

If office romance is your cup of tea, then this novel by best-selling author Sylvia Day is a must-read. Bared to You narrates how female lead Eva crossed paths with billionaire Gideon and their ensuing wild escapades punctuated with sexual abuse, high emotions, and dark secrets.