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The world longs for your words like a leaf that yearns for the morning dew. 


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My Manager

by Byron George and Sandra Power


The Weekly Wrap

Official Newsletter of The Regency Publishers

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"The United States has extensive natural beauty. Outdoor activities refresh, relax, and reinvigorate me. Sailing, fishing, rafting, and walking outside are some of my favorite outdoor activities. Fall is my favorite season with the cooler temperatures and the changing colors of leaves. I never cease to be amazed at the beauty of leaves as the colors change week by week.

The idea for this book came from God. Each day that I worked on this book, I prayed for God’s guidance and direction. God was always faithful in helping me in some noticeable way; writer’s block was one example.

Counseling is a second career based on a spiritual calling. When my daughter left for college, I began a weekend graduate school program. I completed graduate school one year before my daughter completed college. Graduate school was a blessing in helping me adjust to being an empty nester.

We lived in Atlanta for many years, my daughter was raised in Atlanta, and we have many wonderful memories of Atlanta. I relocated to Tennessee last year to live closer to family and to escape the challenging traffic situation in Atlanta."

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